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"The night begins to shine!"

40%,40%,20% is the tenth episode of the third season of Teen Titans GO!


Cyborg discovers that his power comes not from his robotic parts,but from the song "The Night Begins to Shine" and though the Teen Titans don't like it, Cyborg later uses the song to save his friends from Brain.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's one of a few Teen Titans Go! episodes that don't suck.
  2. Unlike the other episodes, the cringeness level is lowed to minimum.
  3. "The Night Begins to Shine" song is catchy.
  4. The animation of the song's reality is decent and nice-looking, and resembles the original show.
  5. Action scenes are good.
  6. Good ending.
  7. It had a four-part sequel called The Night Begins to Shine, which was also well received.

Bad Quality

  1. Honestly, it goes a little overboard how weak Cyborg is without using the song.


  • The Night Begins to Shine is a song by B.E.R. band, composed 40% by Carl Burnett,40% by Franklin Enea and 20% by William J. Reagan.