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4 o'clock club is a 2012 British live action hip hop series made for CBBC

It's about children causing chaos in school and then end up in a detention named the 4 o'clock club

Why it rocks

  1. It stays true to hip hop
  2. It's CBBC's better version of Nick's Young Dylan
  3. Funny teachers
  4. The show is very grown up
  5. Elmsbury and Elmsmere are both great secondary schools
  6. Likeable characters such as Josh Carter
  7. Great acting especially by Khalil Madovi
  8. Strict teachers
  9. Great theme song with a mix up of 2D and 3D
  10. Great raps and songs
  11. It's one of CBBC's greatest shows

Bad qualities

  1. Some bad episodes like Merger, Flower,Fight and Handcuffs
  2. Some insulting lines such as "What is this Primary School "
  3. Mrs O'Brien is an unlikeable character who is against Mr Bell
  4. It is sometimes mean spirited