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"Look out, he's got a nose!" (gunshots)

asdfmovie (pronounced ass-duff movie) is a British animated black comedy short series created and directed by TomSka. The first episode premiered on on August 10, 2008 on YouTube. To date, It has 11 shorts as of 2019.

Why It Rocks

  1. The series has lots of funny scenes, like falling up a flight of stairs backwards.
  2. Nice black and white animation.
  3. Great voice acting, from TomSka and other YouTubers like Tobuscus and TheOdd1sOut.
  4. Some of the jokes are very creative.
  5. Very interesting characters.
  6. It spawned some songs, which are extremely catchy, such as:
    1. I Like Trains
    2. Mine Turtle
    3. Everybody Do The Flop
    4. Beep Beep I'm A Sheep
    5. The Muffin Song
  7. The series spawned some internet memes such as I Like Trains Kid, and as mentioned #6, Everyone Do The Flop, Mine Turtle, and many others.
  8. They have two deleted scenes videos, both of which were funny.