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Austin and Ally is an American sitcom created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert which aired on Disney Channel from December 2, 2011 to January 10, 2016. The series features Ross Lynch and Laura Marano as the titular characters in their chronicles in a small music shop named the Sonic Boom located in Miami. Joining the two are Calum Worthy as Dez and Raini Rodriguez as Trish.


The show involves on the eponymous duo, complete antonyms of each other. Austin is an outgoing musician while Ally is a buoyant, but timid writer of songs. Their comrades are Trish and Dez in their respective fields. If it were not for her quick thinking, both Austin and Dez use a song of hers she wrote by creating a video clip and publishing on the Web. The tune blasts Austin into a viral phenomenon. However Trish attempts to believe in Ally that the song named Double Take is in her own hands. Austin agrees to write a new song of having an overnight reputation. And so it starts the story of a musical accompaniment as the two try their best to make money from the former’s comeuppance to stardom.

Why It Rocks

  1. Well-structured soundstage aura, the most prominent of the music shop on Sonic Boom.
  2. The portrayals of Laura Marano and Ross Lynch don’t go down in the dumps, however the true showstopper is Calum Worthy possessing his happy-go-lucky attitude and exuberant body moves. The character’s personalities work very well in a team with unique demeanors.
  3. The canned laughter in background plays in a timely fashion unlike most situation comedies.
  4. Clever screenplays, at the least in the first two episodes.
  5. Sometimes the show tends to shine a light on more serious objectives which includes teasing others.
  6. Emotional scenes including in an episode with the quartet have a quarrel and bit by bit they go apart.
  7. Spawned a New Years-themed crossover special with concurrently running series at the time Jessie.
  8. Gratefully evokes on how life is like under a record manager’s label.
  9. The prominent lovebirds Auslly, seems quite as heartwarming.
  10. Laughable scenes which includes:

•MiamiH8terGirl after exposed to the four masquerading as an infant, with one of them then violently bellowing stereotypical baby talk.

•Austin squeezing a tub full of frozen cream.

•Ally’s hysterical and clumsy movements.

•The whole view of Freaky Friends & FanFiction as a fantasy.

•Dez crispy-frying a diner in its entirety.

11. Incredible soundtrack often love songs including “Heartbeat” and songs with powerful morals like the theme song ”Can’t Do it Without You.”

12. One of the few kid comedies to instruct on important morals at self-love and relationships.

13. Hilarious send ups such as a Scooby-Doo parody entitled Groovy Goat and the Mystery Bunch.

14. Memorable gimmicks, the most remembered being Trish‘s “Guess who got a job at....”

15. Excellent for children who want to express creativity in different movie-related occupations.

Bad Qualities

  1. A few awful SFX, including of Austin shooting a basketball which is just jogging in the invisible ground.
  2. The three-some between Kyra, Austin, and Ally became extremely irritating in the drop of a hat.
  3. Once in a blue moon, the aforementioned canned laughter plays almost every piece of dialogue.
  4. Though the quarter is entertaining they have a few flaws in mind:

•Austin can be spoiled and self-centered as Dez can be bland and lame, e.g. when he showed Austin a picture of a girl named Piper during her geek days.

•Ally sometimes can be bothersome and geeky especially towards her boyfriend Dallas. The show staff tried their best to make her sound laughable but the final product came out as awkward.

•Trish can be a spoiled brat once in a while mostly targeting Dez and appears to have a vendetta against her own family in the 15th birthday episode.

•Rather frequently, Dez’s brainless quirks seem to be annoying but the series teases him of these.


While Calum Worthy is four years older than Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, the two were born a month apart in 1995.

Ross and Laura quarrel very often when behind the lens.

The role of Ross’ character Austin was a winner for three years on Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards from 2013-2015.

In 2015, Laura Marano inked out a contract at Big Machine, Taylor Swift’s former label where she released her first six albums until Reputation.

Out of all the main four, Dez’s family name was obscured until the episode “Fanatics & Favors.”

While on tour with his family band R5, Ross Lynch revealed that the fourth season was show’s last.