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Rules and Guidelines

  1. When editing this wiki stick to TV series/web shows that have garnered an opinion over the majority and not just personal thoughts. Series can generally have a page here if their score on IMDb is higher than 4.5/10. Mind that there can be exceptions to this rule if good reasons are provided.
  2. The main heading to use for each wiki page is Why It/He/She Does Rock. The latter must contain valid and detailed reasons; do your best to avoid generic stuff like "good acting/animation/soundtrack/etc". Custom headings, including "Good Qualities" for shows considered decent, aren’t allowed due to being completely unnecessary and the potential of users inserting strong language on the headings. Coloring names aren’t allowed, as pages must be kept simple. Plus, they show up wrong on certain devices.
  3. Web reviewers/YouTubers are not acceptable unless they have an extremely and widely known good reputation.
  4. Do not create new categories. If you think a new category is needed ask the admins and they'll make it for you if your suggestion proves to be useful.
  5. NSFW content on pages is forbidden on this wiki.
  6. Do not create a page about a series that hasn't been broadcast yet. No exceptions.
  7. Reviews are optional. Though, if you plan to put in the reviews made by critics, it is also OK to take reviews from other sources. However, plagiarism is not acceptable for anything else. If your article is suspected of being plagiarized, it will get deleted.
  8. Rude behavior towards other users will not be accepted. If you are rude towards another user, expect a ban.
  9. We allow memes, but please put them in the “Reception” section if needed.
  10. Please refrain from swearing in the articles. Swearing in the comment section, however, is allowed as long as it's not used to offend other users.
  11. Be as formal as possible when editing.
  12. Removing information or messing with the articles without giving a good reason is considered vandalism and can result in a ban.
  13. Reasons for deleted comments are: malicious propaganda, harassing others, pornography or if the comment makes no sense.
  14. You will always be able to argue about your block on your own message wall, unless what you did was unforgivable.
  15. Once a show is on the wiki, it should not be on the other wiki.
  16. Do not add the fact that the show has a bad "fandom/hatedom" or a bad video game adaptation or movie under "Bad Qualities", or the fact that the show spawned memes under "Why It Does Rock". Doing so will result in a block without warning.
  17. Do not add any blog posts that are hit pieces about users you don't like.
  18. If you plan on making a sandbox, please do not use it outside of making approved pages.
  19. Note that we are neutral to all ideologies.
  20. Do not send foe requests to any user, as it will likely cause drama.
  21. Don't be racist against any kinds of users.
  22. Don't be sexist against any kinds of users.

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