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Red hair Red hair 10 November 2020

The Adventures of Little Audrey

The Adventures of Little Audrey is an upcoming American animated slapstick comedy television series, produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and aired on Universal Kids. It was the second television series in the Little Audrey franchise.

Unlike its online-streaming sister show, Harvey Girls Forever!, which consists two traditional 11-minute segments, each 22-minute episode consists three 7-minute segments, two featuring Little Audrey, and one starring the Little Audrey co-stars (including Little Dot, Little Lotta, Melvin, Lucretia, Tiny, Patches, Richie Rich and Gloria Glad). Each one have their own supporting casts.

  1. It stays 100% to the classic Little Audrey theatrical cartoons.
  2. The very zany slapstick animation that takes full advantage of …
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Finobe Finobe 18 September 2020

Is there more Reception Wikis made with FANDOM

The Miraheze ones are very toxic, and they falsely ban users...

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