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Bouli is an animated television series originally produced in France between 1989 until 1991.



Discover the stories of Bouli, the sweet little snowman. What happens to snowmen when they have melted? How sad when they disappear. It's during a full moon night that the story of Bouli begins. So that the children of the world will never be sad, the Moon, that fantastic magician, intervenes secretly and gives a second, magic life to Bouli, his family and friends. In his wonderful world, well hidden in the center of the blue forest, Bouli likes to laugh, to enjoy himself and to invent new games. Because he cannot melt, he is able to visit a variety of places, even with warm climates, and to take part in lots of different activities, such as swimming, paddling or windsurfing. Very curious and mischievous by nature, he will lead his family and friends into numerous funny and dynamic adventures.

Why It Rocks

Great and wonderful animtaion.

Cute and likable characters such as Ciboulette and of course, Bouli himself.

Best voice acting.

Wonderful plots and stories.

Cute backgrounds.

It teaches children about swimming and padding.