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Buddy Thunderstruck is a 2017 stop-motion animated series that aired on Netflix on March of the same year.


The misadventures of Buddy Thunderstruck, a country racing dog and his ferret sidekick, Darnell.

Why It Rocks

  1. It is Netflix's done right version of Cartoon Network and Qubo's ill-fated and obscure animated series, Scaredy Squirrel
  2. Buddy himself is a likeable and entertaining protagonist.
  3. Well fast paste stop motion animation that fits the goofy tone of the show.
  4. Cleverly plotted comedy such as Buddy being lii responsible for his actions and being to oblivious to them.
  5. Funny antagonists such as Tex Jr. and Sheriff Cannonball.
  6. Witty dialogue.
  7. Cool smoke effect that's actually done via cotton.
  8. The Belvedere Moneybags arc is very interesting.

Bad Qualities

  1. Buddy and Tex Jr. can be unlikeable sometimes
  2. For a kids show, it’s filled to the brim with innuendo, like Beaver Dam Fast Pizza and the infamous “Leroy’s private parts.”
  3. There's a few worst episodes of the show such as Get the Hock Out, Cannonballistic, and Buddy Double.