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Bunnicula is an American animated television series from Warner Bros. Animation developed by Jessica Borutski and Maxwell Atoms. It was produced by Borutski and Maxwell Atoms and distributed by Warner Bros. Television. It premiered on Cartoon Network on February 6, 2016 and then premiered on Boomerang on the same day. It was renewed for a 3rd season on 2018, however it was likewise revealed that production has since ended past that season, so the show will end on after season three as well.


A teenage girl named Mina and her pets, Chester the cautious cat and Harold the happy-go-lucky dog, inherit her deceased great aunt's spooky apartment in New Orleans. There they encounter Bunnicula, a vegetarian vampire rabbit with supernatural connections and a head full of mischief, and things are never quite the same way again.

Why It Rocks

  1. Very good animation.
  2. Best main characters.
  3. Great voice performances from Sean Astin, Kari Wahlgren, Eric Bauza, and Richard Steven Horvitz.
  4. Great story acts.
  5. Similar to the books, but readers familiar with the series will quickly recognize Chester’s obsession with Bunnicula and his repeated attempts to get rid of the newest arrival.
  6. Bunnicula's mysterious origin is hinted at in the series’ opening credits.
  7. The show features original supernatural creatures the trio run into like a “Mumkey” (a mummy monkey), a zombie fish and a “bearshee (a bear banshee).
  8. It is one of Maxwell Atoms' works.
  9. It's a lot of fun to watch.
  10. The Bunnicula cartoon is a little different from the Bunnicula novel, in a good way.
  11. Unlike the mute original, this Bunnicula actually talks, but in a sort of garbled Latinesque language.
  12. Cute and Great character designs.
  13. Great Theme Song.
  14. Likable Characters, such as Bunnicula, Chester, Harold and Mina.

Bad Qualites

  1. Long hiatuses, mainly due to the long production time, and a lack of reruns in 2018.
  2. Though Maxwell Atoms' is heavily involved in the production, it lacks the charm, wit, and clever writing of his previous thriller-related show, Billy and Mandy.
  3. There are some bad episodes like Goat Story.
  4. Some gross-out humor and imagery.
  5. Chester can be regarded as a Megward the Wizard at times.