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BBC's answer to PBS Kids.

CBeebies is a British Channel owned by the BBC for 0-6 year olds launched in 2002.

Why it rocks

  1. Very educational shows
  2. Respected actors like Andy Day, Justin Fletcher,Katy Ashworth and Cat Sandion
  3. Dodge T. Dog is funny
  4. British kids grew up with this channel even British little kids out there still watch, know and love the channel
  5. The channel is very cute
  6. It's like a British RTÈjr
  7. It doesn't just air in the UK
  8. They even have Irish cartoons like Nelly and Nora
  9. Just like RTÈjr, it is completely commercial free
  10. It it the most popular channel for little kids in the UK
  11. Memorable shows such as Something Special - We're all friends
  12. The channel talks about nursery and school
  13. It even talks about autism
  14. It teaches kids about Literacy and Numeracy
  15. Great apps
  16. It is also like PBS Kids but British
  17. Great acting in live action shows
  18. Well animated bumpers
  19. Their cartoons have nice animation
  20. The idea of a CBBC for little kids is quite clever
  21. They are well known for The Lunchtime Song and The Bedtime Song
  22. It is watched in a lot of nurseries and schools in the UK
  23. The Bugbies (The channel's mascot) are really cute

Bad qualities

  1. An big kid can think little kids are obsessed with this channel
  2. The channel can sometimes be annoying to some people
  3. When you go to CBeebies Go Explore, it is very loud and it even plays when you leave the app