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Two years after his first step to the screen, the big red dog comes alive... in fully-animated form.

Clifford The Big Red Dog is an American-Canadian animated direct-to-video series from Nelvana Limited, Lee Mendelson Films Productions, Bill Melendez Productions, Wang Film Productions Company Limited, and Scholastic Productions, based on the book series by Norman Bridwell.

The series originally started as a television program, which aired on Saturday mornings on NBC-TV. But instead, Nelvana and Scholastic join forces with one of the major home video companies, Family Home Entertainment, to create a six-episode direct-to-video educational animated series, in a favor of the popularity of the preschool-oriented TV program, Sesame Street.

Why It Rocks

  1. It clearly stays faithful to Norman Bridwell's books.
  2. This direct-to-video series was Clifford's 25th birthday gift.
  3. Emily Elizabeth is a very cute, tomboyish character.
  4. Brent Titcomb does the great performance as the voice of Clifford.
  5. The animation was decent for the late-1980s standards.
  6. Emily Elizabeth's character design is so cute.
  7. Emily Elizabeth's funny moments are hilarious.