ConnerFong (Season 1) (2021-2024 Series)

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ConnerFong (2021-2024) is a Canadian-American-Korean-Japanese animated series crated by Conner Jacobs for YouTube, Qubo, Cartoon Network & Klaskbillion Bingo. It was one of the best doodle shows of all time. The episodes are 10 minutes long. It was released in January 24, 2021 in the United States, United Kingdom & Canada and January 13, 2022 in Greenland, Austraillia, South Korea, India, Sweden & Japan. Is was also based on the 2019 YouTube Video "Introducing ConnerFong", as ConnerFong first appeared in the film "The Bodega Bay 2". While the characters also appeared in the pilot and (2020-2021) series.

Why It Rocks?

  1. The animation is a little atrocious. But with nice art style!
  2. ConnerFong, Lilylaz, Tally and Sam are really likable characters.
  3. Decent character designs.
  4. Catchy theme song.
  5. Semi-decent voice acting done by Conner Jacobs.
  6. Brilliant Slapstick!
  7. Incredible background designs.
  8. "Winter!" is a really good episode from that series.
  9. Good plot!.
  10. Hannah is a really cute character who is nice to Ben and Sam.
  11. Cute synth music.
  12. Cool Humor!

Bad Qualities

  1. The animation can be sup-bar.
  2. Becky G is somthimes rude in the episode "PE" for an example.
  3. "This is my Faith" is a mean-sprited episode.
  4. Sam, Ben and Hannah are sometimes cranky.
  5. the art kinda looks creepy.
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