Yo danny phantom he was just 14 when his built a very strange machine it was designed to view a world unseen he's gonna catch em all cause he's danny phantom.

Danny Phantom is a American-British animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon from April 3, 2004 until August 24, 2007. It was created by Butch Hartman and was listed as one of the greatest TV shows of the 2000s.

Why It Rocks

  1. Good and detailed flash animation, unlike most flash-animated series.
  2. Good characters such as Dark Danny, Jazz Fenton, Sam Manson, Danny Phantom himself, ember, vlad etc.
  3. Tucker Foley is a very cute and funny comic relief.
  4. Memorable villains like Skulker, Freakshow, Dan Phantom, Technus, Ember, Johnny 13, Pariah Dark, Walker, Spectra, Desiree, the Box Ghost, Kitty, the Lunch Lady Ghost, and of course, Vlad Plasmius, being a solid and intimidating villain along with Dan Phantom, Danny Phantom's evil counterpart.
  5. Cool music, including the catchy opening and ending songs, performed by both Derick Battiste and Guy Moon, which are mainly interesting to hear as a ghastly theme song. Also, Guy Moon is well-known for goodly composing various music for this show.
  6. Outstanding story of each episode with several over-arching stories across the series.
  7. Many action scenes to see. As example for this superhero-themed animated series, Danny saves his hometown known as Amity Park from the ghastly incidents by fighting the destructive villains off as they happened to the plot of every single episode. So it makes the show maturely well-received unlike Cartoon Network's horrible superhero cartoon reboots.
  8. It's surprisingly serious and mature for a Nickelodeon cartoon.
  9. There's still plenty of humor that never feels forced.
  10. Well-talented voice acting. For example, along with the voice talents of Grey DeLisle, Rickey D'Shon Collins, Colleen O'Shaughnessey and the others, David Kaufman is notably fluent to hear for

Bad Qualities

  1. Season 3, along with the cancellation of the series due to overbudget, started the downfall of Butch Hartman.
  2. The episode Phantom Planet, parodying Arthur C. Clarke's The Hammer of God and its movie adaptation Deep Impact, was terrible and panned by critics.
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