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Double Dare is a kids television game show that aired on Nickelodeon. The show is filled with slime and answering questions. If the team does know the answer, They care dare to their opponents, But be careful Their opponents can Double Dare them back, If the team is really stumped on the hard question, They can take a Physical Challenge. The team with the most score will go on the bonus round, The obstacle course. If both teams are tied at the end round 2, They would had to take a Sudden Death Challenge. Team who completes the Sudden Death Challenge will win the game. The bonus round is the obstacle course. The messy obstacle course, has an orange flag. Where the winning team will make a mess to find a flag and win a prize. If they make it to the 8th obstacle, They win a grand prize.

Why it Rocks?

  1. The theme song is awesome!
  2. The Obstacle Course (Bonus Round)

Bad Reception

  1. According to the book, Everything Is In It's Place by Marc Summers, He could not stand the messy slime in the show.