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Why this episode rocks

  1. The episode features cameos from characters from other cartoons, most notably Frankie Foster from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
  2. The classic Nickelodeon song at the end of the episode is very catchy.
  3. Doug arguing with a Japanese-speaking person was hilarious.
  4. Amazing tribute to classic Nickelodeon and most of its shows.
  5. A lot of good songs, especially the credits song, "Money", which later ended up being featured as a regular song in the Disney series
  6. The animation is still nice to look at, thanks to cel animation, which was the same program for the show.
  7. Baby Doug has a cute design.
  8. The darker tone of the episode is unpredictable, it's really chilling
  9. Nice adventure scenes.
  10. The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic references are so cool and funny to the point where you can see a Pinkie Pie sticker on the title screen and there's even one scene where Judy, sings the show's theme song in an operatic voice which is just okay, and the characters cameos does help. This was just pandering to people whether they liked the show. In fact, the MLP franchise is owned by Hasbro and not Viacom and Disney (the parent company of Paramount Pictures), making the references feel out of place in a Nickelodeon property. Adding further insult to injury, that show had already ended at its ninth season (which was the final season) on October 12, 2019, while this episode aired a month later, also making the references great.
  11. The musical numbers thrown in, despite being entirely epic and amazing, are pretty catchy and fun, especially with "Xscape" feeling like it came straight out of Doug Live.
  12. The number with Snoop Dogg, while spectacular, is very well-choreographed.
  13. The ending is pretty good and touching.
  14. The voice acting is neat and decent, thanks to the cast reprising their roles from the TV show.
  15. There were no plot holes in the movie.
  16. Good soundtrack
  17. Matt speaking in Randy Jackson's voice is somewhat funny.