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"Edd may be gone, but his world will keep on spinning." -Tom 2019

Eddsworld is an independent British web comedic flash animation and artistic media production series that was created by Edd Gould in 2004 and ran until 2016. :) And came back in 2020

Why It Rocks

  1. Ever since the tragedy (Edd Gould dying of cancer in 2012), the series still kept on running until 2016, which shows the inspiring determination of the other managers of the show who had to deal with Edward Gould's death. Edd was even given a new voice actor (Tim Hauntekiet), who stayed true to Edd's character.
  2. Speaking of which, Eddsworld has great voice actors who are passionate about their roles.
  3. The Flash animation really improved over the years.
  4. Likable characters, such as the three main characters, Edd, Matt and Tom.
  5. Creative and funny episode names, such as WTFuture and The Snogre.
  6. Great villains, such as Eduardo, Zanta Claws and Tord.
  7. Awesomely creative and surreal adventures.
  8. Hilarious gags. For example, whenever there's a flashback, a crowd singing "flaaaashbaaack" is heard in the background, and some of the jokes are actually references to the voice actors. For example, ASDF Land is based on the popular black-and-white web cartoon, asdfmovie, which was created by Tom.
  9. Despite being a show aimed at teens and adults, the show rarely includes qualities of an average adult cartoon (violence, sexual content etc.), so it mainly focuses on the characters and the humor, which is still well received by its target audience.
  10. The End was a funny and emotional finale to Tom's contribution to the series, especially considering it returned an old fan favorite, Tord, in a different kind of way.
  11. Four years after it ended, the show FINALLY made a comeback, better than ever with new, awesome actors for Tom and Edd, and still decent animation.

Bad Qualities

  1. Tom's constant hate for Christmas can get offensive and annoying.
  2. Considering the series started out on Newgrounds, the animation in the earlier episodes started out really slow.
  3. We never did find out the truth about Tom's eyes.
  4. Sometimes the episodes are not that well-structured.


  • Todd Bryanton, aka LilDeuceDeuce, made the Eddsworld and asdfmovie music.
  • Professor Why, a parody of Doctor Who, is a running gag in the series.
  • The last episode Edd Gould made was Space Face.
  • Thomas claimed that the show will now be handled by Edd's friends and family, and came back with the help of Matt in 2020.
  • An Eddsworld movie was announced.
  • Thomas claimed that The End Part 2 was a metaphor for how Edd's cancer came back and destroyed everything that they had developed together.
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