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Fancy Nancy Clancy(2018) is an American animated preschool series made for Disney Junior.

It's about a fancy 6 year old girl called Nancy Clancy who loves fancy stuff.

Why it rocks

  1. It stays faithful to the book.
  2. Beautiful Pixar resembling animation
  3. Likeable Characters
  4. Great theme song
  5. Great episodes especially the Christmas episode
  6. It still airs on Disney Junior
  7. Detailed Backgrounds
  8. It could teach important lessons to girls
  9. It teaches French

Bad Qualities

  1. Nancy and Jojo are sometimes annoying
  2. To some people, Nancy can be a brat at times
  3. Speaking of her, she can sometimes be ungrateful due to her love for fanciness
  4. Just like Pinkalicious and Peterrific, the use of words can be annoying as people mentioning the word fancy is as bad as a character from Pinkalicious and Petterrific saying the word pink
  5. Nancy is sometimes comparable to original Cailou similar to BQ2#2 and #3