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"Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker!"

Filthy Frank is a YouTube channel created by George "Joji" Miller, who plays a character Filthy Frank, a middle-aged anti-social, anti-couth and anti-political correctness YouTuber who does music, sketch rants and random videos.

He recently ended his series due to health issues and to focus on his music career.

Why He Rocks

  1. His music is vulgar, but well made. Like: Asian Pizza, Fried Noodles, STFU and Top Ramen
    • He collaborated with Getter on the closing track "On My Way Out" off his debut album, Visceral.
  2. Beyond over-the-top acting.
  3. Outrageous sketch rants.
  4. His sidekicks, especially Pink Guy.
  5. Dark comedy, that is funny and offensive at the same time (but in a good way).
  6. He occasionally teaches viewers obscure and vulgar Japanese words.
  7. It's magnificent how George Miller can be Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, Salamander Man, Safari Man, and Chin-Chin at the same time.
  8. The visual effects and editing in his videos are very well done.
  9. He has a reason to call out on other Internet users who act like complete jerks or malicious idiots (such as weeaboos, bronies, social justice warriors, etc) whenever they act immature, do something wrong, get mean spirited or crass with his hilarious comedy.
  10. An actual narrative and overarching story throughout his sketch rants, videos and especially his music.
  11. His green screen videos were used in memes and YouTube Poops.
  12. The iconic scenes like IT'S TIME TO STOP!!! and of course Welcome to the ricefields motherf****ker!!!
  13. He has a funny I hate series, where he talks about things that he hates.
  14. His series Japanese 101 does a good job of teaching people Japanese.