Get the Picture

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Get the Picture is a kids television game show that aired on Nickelodeon. The object of the game is Mike O'Malley will ask a trivia question. And the players must answer to take control on the board to guess the picture. Hidden in one of the squares is "Power Surge". A challenging event complete. If the team succeeds, They earn points and takes control on the board. But if they fail, Their opponents earn the points and takes control on the board. If the team guesses the picture incorrectly, The team lose 20 points. There is two power surge square in Round 1, And only 1 Power Surge square in round 2 for each picture. Speed Round occurs at the end of each round. The team will not lose 20 points for guessing the picture incorrectly. If Round 2 ends in a tie score, They will go to Sudden Death and to the reveal picture one-by-one until one team buzzes in. The team who gets the correct answer will go to the Mega Memory round. If the team gets the picture wrong, Their opponents automatically wins. The Mega Memory round is the bonus round for the winning team. It has 9 pictures. The team has to stare at the 9 pictures for 10 seconds, Then will cover up. The team 1 minute to guess by pressing the right key on the numeric keypad that goes with the picture. The first six is worth $100. Then 7 and 8 are prizes, And if they make it to 9, They win the grand prize.

Why it rocks?

  1. Awesome show.
  2. Mike O'Malley later went on to become the host of another Nickelodeon game show, Global Guts.
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