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Global Guts (or better known as Nickelodeon Global Guts) is a Nickelodeon kids game show. It is set like sports arena. It has kids from all over the world to compete. In between events is Spill Your Guts. Spill Your Guts is where a kid would introduce themself from where they are and what they do. If the player does not speak English, A voice over translator is used. The voice over translater is also used for the non-English speaking contestants who are interviewed by Mike. After 4 events, The players would take on The Aggro Crag (In Season 3, It became The Mega Crag and on Season 4, The Super Aggro Crag). The players must climb on the mountain to reach the goal. The contestant who reaches the top, Wins the game. The contestant in third place will get the bronz medal, The contestant in second place will get the silver medal, and the contestant in first place will get the gold medal and glowing trophy. The winning contest will have the national anthem from the country the contestant is from. And they will run race with country flag where they are from.

Why it rocks?

  1. Awesome theme song
  2. The National Anthem is played that represent the winner. (For example, If the player from Canada wins the game, O Canada is played. Or if the player from United State of America is the winner, The Star Spangled Banner will be played)
  3. Voice-Over translater is needed for contestants who don't speak English.