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Goldie and Bear is an American preschool animated show made for Disney Junior created by Rick Gitelson and Jorge Aguirre.


It's about Goldie Locks and little Jack Bear, who after incident in the bear's house end up being best friends.

Why it rocksrocks

  1. It stays true to fairy tales
  2. Outstanding theme song by Adrianne Nigg
  3. Likeable characters such as the main characters Goldie and Bear
  4. Great dilemmas and situations in episodes like when Goldie's nose was very long because she was lying(Pinocchio itis)
  5. Very good settings
  6. Great voice acting
  7. The show is cute
  8. It teaches little kids fairy tales
  9. Beautiful animation

Bad qualities

  1. On a common sense media review, it said that a little kid got addicted to the show
  2. Little Red Riding Hood is annoying at times
  3. It is one if those shows that deserve to air back on Disney Junior but these days don't
  4. While the animation being good, it sometimes looks too bright and looks like a playset
  5. It lasted 2 seasons