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Good Eats is a cooking show that aired on Food Network in July 7th, 1999 and moved to the Cooking Channel in 2011. The series came to an end in 2012. The series was hosted by Alton Brown.

Why It Rocks

  1. Most of the meals prepared by Alton Brown are simple to make and good for beginner chefs and home cooking.
  2. In addition to cooking, the show also teaches the science behind cooking as well as food origin.
  3. The science lessons are taught in a similar manner to the kid's educational show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, while the history and origin sketches are either done through actors or Monthy Python style animation.
  4. The show also uses sketch humor and comedy to teach the history and science behind food.
  5. Some episodes actually have a plot or story behind them such as Alton learning to poach food (cook in simmering water) to defeat an insane food terrorist or putting a scam artist known as Cocoa Carl out of business.
  6. One recurring gag in the show is Alton's interactions with gadget specialist W who despite sharing a mutual dislike with Alton, helps him with choosing a gadget to help with the episode. These gags often reference James Bond in with James Bond type music and that W explains to Alton about the gadget in question similar to Q of James Bond fame.
  7. Alton holds an intense hatred for uni-taskers (a kitchen appliance that can only do one job) with the exception of a fire extinguisher and shows us how we can clean up clutter by using multi-taskers or simply improvise.
  8. Alton often chooses not to use brand names on his show, instead using clear containers or jars or crossing names off of food.
  9. Episodes usually have a bit of trivia and tips before a commercial break.

Bad Qualities

  1. Reason 8 only applies to later episodes of the series. This is because Alton didn't have full control of the show at the time and the show had a much lower budget.
  2. He has made mistakes in the past and made some suggestions that by today's standards are outdated. Thankfully these are being addressed in Good Eats Reloaded.

Best Episodes

Some of the best episodes of Good Eats are: