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Good Luck Charlie is an American sitcom that premiered on Disney Channel from April 4, 2010 to February 16, 2014. The series stars Bridgit Mendler, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Bradley Steven Perry, Mia Talerico, Eric Allan Kramer, and Jason Dolley. Created by Drew Vaupen and Phil Baker, the series chronicles of the daily life of Teddy Duncan who makes video diaries coping to her family with the titular baby Charlie in each episode.


Adolescents PJ and Teddy and preteen brother Gabe have a hard time adjusting to their new family life, which is until their mother Amy flipped it upside down of her having another child of the family Charlie. After re-entering to her nursing job the kids and Bob to keep their household fueling. Each episode revolves on Teddy creating a video diary often displaying a special gem of good judgement.

Why It Rocks

  1. Per the show-runners‘ word of mouth, the series was made to enlighten to whole families, not just children.

• Asides from these, the screen plays are very well-written and incredibly hysterical.

  1. The conception of an older sibling expressing her wise demeanor to her younger spawn via recordings is a wonderful and freshly made creation. The subjects Teddy passes down through Charlie serves as a very genuine explanation in actualities.
  2. In most episodes during end credits, a hilarious and usually impossible scene occurs including what happened at the end of one season two episodic with the involvement of PJ and Gabe thinking was Charlie in his closet sparking a flashlight, which turned out to be a portal to the Underworld. Bob gets slurped into the vortex at the end of the scene.
  3. The made for TV film subtitled It’s Christmas was highly lauded by critiques.
  4. Unusually laughable moments such as in the episode when Teddy was scared at the sight of a 50-foot tall Charlie.
  5. The season four premier Duncan Dream House featured a special guest appearance from Jim Henson’s famous characters the Muppets bashing out a Broadway-like number about staying in their house despite the extreme termite destruction.
  6. Charlie in a few episodes delivers unforgettable quotes, like “My momma don’t like you.”
  7. While it was still airing, fellow Disney show Jessie collaborated with the show on the fourth volume, entitled Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas
  8. Until Andi Mack came into the picture, this was the only Disney programming to ever include an LGBTQ+ character, specifically in the penultimate episode “Down a Tree” where Charlie’s friend Taylor is shown with a pair of mothers.
  9. Hard rock intro tune, full of tongue-in-cheek comedy and a powerful moral.
  10. Unlike most children’s situation comedies, the canned laughter in this series display more expression with children laughing in the background.
  11. Unforgettable characters such as Ivy Wentz, and the central family members.
  12. Meticulous casting choices from the aforementioned Bridgit Mendler and Leigh-Allyn Baker.
  13. Uplifting sceneries displayed in some episodes, including Amy deciding not to leave the house behind.

Bad Qualities

  1. The collaboration done with Shake it Up was critically loathed. The special followed Amy, Charlie, and Teddy flying to Chicago of visiting their great-aunt Nell, but instead wound up meeting CeCe and Rocky who mistook them as dancers for their American Bandstand-type show appropriately titled Shake it Up! Chicago. Before dancing on camera, the two become barricaded in a confined space left to asphyxiate.
  2. Gabe can turn into a total jerk sometimes. This includes but not limited to being unhappy of Charlie‘s omnipresence and bullying his own brother PJ.
  3. Though he appears in a plethora of episodes, Spencer seems to be a horrid significant other to Teddy. The pairing displayed a wooden portrayal somewhat.
  4. A few instances of bathroom satire, such as the “movie“ PJ made on Charlie cutting the cheese on ”Charlie Goes Viral.”
  5. Speaking of WIR #9, when “Down a Tree” initially premiered, many parents were in ire of Disney Channel expressing queer parents on a family show which prompted to boycott the network.


Years before the series premier, Eric Allan Kramer and Leigh-Allyn Baker were featured on “That 70s Show” albeit in separate episodes.

Jason Dolley’s final project at Disney, post-Goodbye Charlie.

The show had an intense spark of popularity spawning an Indian version titled “Best of Luck Nikki.”

Leigh-Allyn Baker was in the bump while booking a gig for the series.

In real life, Bridgit Mendler actually a fling with Shane Harper, who portrays her on-screen boyfriend Spencer.

While being behind the lens for the season three opener, Bridgit Mendler stumbled on a loosened aglet and tripped.

Filmed in the same soundstage as Hannah Montana. When the crew from that show retired, the cast from here became part of the set.