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Goofy Goofy Gander is a 1950 Noveltoons cartoon featuring Little Audrey.


Audrey is reading "Pinhead and Birdbrain" comic books at school instead of her Mother Goose rhymes. She falls asleep and is transported to Mother Goose Land by jive talking Mother Goose herself! Good cartoon especially the characters of Pinhead and Birdbrain, who should have been in their own cartoon series.


Audrey likes school, but doesn't like Mother Goose rhymes. She gets so involved in the crooks in her comic books that she doesn't hear when asked by the teacher to recite a rhyme. Instead she comes up with hip-gangster talk. Her punishment is to wear a dunce cap and sit in the corner. She goes to sleep, has a dream and finds out that Mother Goose is a "hep" character and that there is more excitement in the nursery rhymes than in her comic books.