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Honey I Shrunk the Cupcake the 18th episode of the 11th season of Good Eats. The main focus is cupcakes, mainly Chiffon style.


Disgusted by a snooty maitre d' at a cupcake bakery (as well as being kicked out by security AT A CUPCAKE BAKERY), Alton wages war upon the place by producing some Chiffon Cupcakes... and remind us how cupcakes bring out our inner child.

Why It Rocks

  1. Make yummy tasty cupcakes, both white and chocolate, chocolate, CHOCOLATE!!! Also a simple buttercream frosting. Recipes can be found here.
  2. Explains that cupcakes were born as the cup cake made by colonials needing a vessel to make cakes on the hearth and using teacups.
  3. Goes into the history of an insurance car salesman named Harry Baker who changed the culinary world forever with the creation of the Chiffon cake, which Alton uses to make his cupcakes. (Grust will explain the Chiffon method in the comment section below).
  4. Uses coffee mugs to make his first batch (Grust did the same thing), but a muffin pan for the second batch for variety.
  5. At the end of the episode, the snooty maitre d' is forced to eat one of Alton's cupcakes and loosens up and acts like a kid again.
  6. Although the frosting Alton makes uses a raw egg at room temperature, he explains that he gets his eggs from a guy who raises chickens and suggests pasteurized eggs at the megamart if you are unable to get farm fresh.

Bad Quality

  1. No chocolate frosting recipe.