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Keroppi and Friends is a Canadian-Japanese children's animated series.


Keroppi is a fun-loving little frog with a penchant for inventing things. He likes driving his car and playing with new toys.

Why It Rocks

  1. Cute and likeable characters like Keroppi, Keroleen, Junk/Ganta, Newton/Noberun, Soak/Kyorosuke, Den Den, Ruby/Teru Teru, Curtis/Koroppi, Kevin/Pikki, Twinkle, Aaron, Kerada, and Wink.
  2. The animation is wonderful and appealing.
  3. The theme song is catchy.
  4. Great voice acting from both the Japanese and English dubs.
  5. Nice story in every episode.
  6. The narration is interesting.
  7. Top notch designs.
  8. The background designs are creative and well-drawn.
  9. Keroleen and Keroppi have a heartwarming chemistry.
  10. Amazing music.
  11. It even had some fairy tale adaptions like "Robin Hood" and "The Adventures of Gulliver".
  12. Had lots of great episodes including "The Big Adventure", "Find the Pink Mushroom", "Let's Play Baseball", "The Christmas Eve Gift - Santa and His Reindeer Kuppi", "The Adventures of the Coward Prince", "The Frog's Secret House", "Let's Be Friends" and "Our Treasure".
  13. There are good messages about not judging others by their appearance, teamwork, facing your fears, anger management and standing up to a bully.

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