Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (or just Kick Buttowski) is an American animated series created by Sandro Corsano for Disney XD.

Why It Rocks

  1. Chris Savino did such a very good job created this show.
  2. Kick himself is a cool protagonist; though he may be into something that not everyone's on board with, he still respects those around him and will even go out of his way to make others happy. Not to mention....that cool Wolverine style voice he has.
  3. Several other characters are very memorable as well such as much of Kick's family (including his mother Honey, his father Harold, his older brother Brad, and younger sister Brianna), his ditzy, yet kind best friend Gunther and his family, Mr. Vickle, Billy Stumps, Wade, Kendall, Ms. Fitzpatrick, Wacky Jackie, Ronaldo (depending on your view), Cousin Kyle (also depending on your view), etc.
  4. Decent flash animation. Some scenes (like the intro) even blend it with CG elements, which looks really cool.
  5. Upbeat tone, which is appropriate for this type of show.
  6. Several funny moments that vary in kind; they usually range from slapstick, to satire on the stunting world, to even clever adult jokes like the dam scene in "Fistful of Ice Cream".
  7. Awesome and memorable episodes such as "Dead Man's Drop", "If Books Could Kill", "Kick the Habit", "Battle For The Snax", "Not Without My Cereal", "Flush and Release", "Snowpocalypse!", "Runaway Recital", "Trike X-5", "For The Love of Gunther", "Mellowbrook Drift", "Rank of Awesome", "Morning Rush!", "And...Action!", "Kickin' Genes", "Garage Banned", "Truth or Daredevil", "Sold!", "Faceplant!", "Luigi Vendetta", "Kart to Kart", "Pool Daze", "Detained", "Sleepover", "Kick or Treat", "Dead Man's Roller Coaster", "Sister Pact", "Shh!", "A Cousin Kyle Christmas", "Nerves of Steal", "Bwar and Peace", "Bad Table Manners", "Petrified!", "Crumbs!", "Roll Reversal", "Kyle E. Coyote", and "Rocked".
  8. Great voice acting.
  9. Nice soundtrack that's largely rock based. The intro theme for instance is very well produced and a fitting match for the show.
  10. Occasionally sweet and emotional moments like Kick and Brianna's dance in "Sister Pact" and the majority of "A Cousin Kyle Christmas".
  11. Quotable catchphrases such as Kick's "Aw, biscuts." and Brad's "YEA, BRAD!!"
  12. The episode "Rocked", with Kick dreaming of Billy Stumps portraying him in a film, was a decent send-off for the show.

Bad Qualities

  1. The second half of season two, while having its fair share of great episodes, was hit with a noticeable decline in quality. The most common complaint is that Kick was flanderized into a wimp at this time.
  2. Some bad episodes including "According to Chimp", "Braking The Grade", "Snow Problem", "Power Play", "Poll Position", "Brad's Room", "Tattler's Tale", "Big Mouth", "Stay Cool", and "Only the Loan-ly".
  3. Some intolerable characters like Ms. Chicarelli and Penelope Patterson.


  1. Many of the characters and situations were based on the creator's childhood growing up in Stoneham, Massachusetts.
  2. The show's original title was Kid Knievel, an obvious reference to Evel Knievel.
  3. Knievel's son Robbie was the stunt coordinator for this show.
  4. This show was the first animated original series on Disney XD.
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