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Kid Cosmic is an American animated series created by Craig McCracken (the same creator of The Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Wander Over Yonder for Netflix.

Why It Rocks

  1. Appealing art style that resembles an old-school comic book.
    • The characters have creative designs.
    • Even if the art style is mostly simple; the desert is the background with the most detailed design.
  2. The main characters are full of personality:
    • Kid is a relatable character for the people who are incompetent in something they dream to do (in case of Kid, defeating villains and saving the world).
    • Jo is caring, kind at heart and daydreams of seeing the world. She also has a good dynamic with Kid.
    • Rosa is an adorable and playful character who enjoys fighting.
    • Papa G's friendly personality works with the clever morals he tells. He's also always to make his grandson, Kid, happy.
    • Stuck Chuck started as a mediocre villain who has been stuck on Kid's Trailer for having lost his legs and tried so hard to hurt Kid either physically or emotionally. In the latest episodes he became good and helped Tuna Sandwich to assemble the team again.
  3. Phenomenal action with the powers from the stones mixing well despite being generic.
    • To make the action scenes not repetitive in the episode 6, Kid steals the rings to become overpowered.
  4. Some dark scenes.
  5. Beautiful messages like "You don't need to be always the best" (from episode 3).
  6. It has some funny moments such as in the episode 7 when Tuna Sandwich sends to Jo 2 sheets (one with bad writing and other with bad spelling) from Chuck and Rosa respectively.
  7. Excellent soundtrack, mainly consisting of rock orchestral and sometimes country. The main theme is catchy too.

Bad Qualities

  1. The animation itself is pretty stilted, compared to the previous Craig McCracken's shows which had better and fluid animation.
  2. It has no intro, which is a vitally important element to hint what the series is about.