"Let's Be Friends" is the 9th episode from Keroppi and Friends. It was made in February 21, 1994.


Wink is a lovely snake who wants to be Keroppi's friend. He wants to introduce Wink to his other friends, but his friends deem that he's a dangerous animal.

Why It Rocks

  1. The idea of having a friendly snake be friends with frogs is pretty original.
  2. The animation is still great as always.
  3. The episode has a great message about accepting differences and exploring how each character react to it.
  4. Great story that keeps us entertained throughout.
  5. The characters (Keroppi, Wink/Choro, Den Den, Junk/Ganta, Keroleen, Newton/Noberun, Ruby/Teru Teru, and Soak/Kyorosuke) are cute and likeable as always.
  6. The scene where Wink saves Keroleen from falling down a cliff is touching and magnificent!
  7. Continuing from WIR #6, the scene where Keroleen and Wink make up is also touching.
  8. Great visuals.
  9. Wink's baby fang is really cute!
  10. The ending is heartwarming where Keroppi and his friends say goodbye to Wink.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Keroleen was kind of unlikeable to Wink after meeting him. Thankfully, they made up in the end, as said in WIR #7.
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