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Little Miss Akane is a shōjo manga series by Tetsuya Chiba. It was serialized in Shōjo Friend, published by Kodansha, from April to September 1968. It was adapted into a monochrome 1968 Toei anime series with the same name directed by Fusahito Nagaki, Yasuo Yamaguchi, Yugo Serikawa and Takeshi Tamiya, which was originally broadcast on Fuji TV.


A cute young girl, Akane formerly lived in the countryside with her grandfather, but decides to return home to Tokyo and go to a prestigious school. However, coming from the country has its downfalls and Akane soon realizes that she doesn't fit in with the snobby rich kids at school. Nonetheless, she finds a friend in a delinquent kid named Hidemaro. He is consistently the victim of bullying and Akane begins to stand up for him. At school, the pair find a dog which they ironically name Chibi despite its great stature. Akane, Hidemaro, and Chibi begin their zany, comedic misadventures.

Why It Rocks

  1. Akane and Hidemaro are truly an adorable protagonists.
  2. Cutesy animation.
  3. The theme song sounds adorably cute.
  4. Cutesy humor.
  5. Tons of huggable heartwarming moments.
  6. Akane's most iconic outfit is extremely cute, with a pair of white socks and a very shiny black Mary Jane shoes.
  7. This anime is extremely cute.
  8. Decent voice acting.