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Little People is a 1999-2007 stop-motion claymation animated series produced by Egmont Imagination, based on the Fisher-Price toyline of the same name.

Why it Rocks

  1. Awesome stop-motion animation.
  2. Likeable characters, like Michael, Maggie, Sonya-Lee, Sarah Lynn and Eddie (and Freddie too).
  3. Great voice acting.
  4. Decent soundtrack.
  5. Catchy songs, including the show's theme song, "Farmer Jed had a Farm" and "Sing With Me".
    1. Aaron Neville did a really awesome job singing the show's theme song.
  6. Graceful morals.
  7. The show teaches kids a lots of things, like discoveries, helping out, animals, vehicles, music, seasons, math, jobs, memories and ABCs, and even solving problems.
  8. Well-written dialogue.
  9. Funny moments and running gags.
  10. It even had Christmas episodes, like "Michael and the Bears" and "Sonya-Lee Makes New Friends".
  11. The 2016 CGI reboot was awesome.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some weird and bizarre moments, like Michael putting a papercraft sun on the rainbow, making some popcorn (from "Michael and the Cornfield"), the cow making the sheep's "Baa" (from "Trading Places"), Michael making a rain cloud out of cotton (from "Water, Water, Everywhere"), the wind blowing the numbers away from the paper Maggie was drawing on (from "One, Two, Three, Draw!"), The cake batter being baked into a cookie (from "Happy Birthday to Zoo") and Eddie being stuck on the cloud (from "Faster than the Speeding Frog").
  2. Very inappropriate jokes, like in "How Much is Too Much", when Baker Bob's Bake Machine shows 5 sticks of butter, which can make you cause diabetes.
  3. Some mean-spirited moments, like in "Sonya Lee and the Super Sundae" where the Dump Truck ruined the sandbox by breaking the wooden border and buried the sandbox with the sand.
  4. Some writing can be cliched.