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Nickelodeon Kids' Court (or simply Kids' Court) is a court show for kids on Nickelodeon. The show is hosted by Paul Provenza. He helps kids with their situation problem. It's the first court show where kids rules.

Why it rocks?

  1. The Youll be the Judge question appears. The answer reveals after the commercial break (For example "Can a bank robber be punished if his guilt has been discovered after 30 years?" The answer is "NO! Under the law, Those certain cases are consider closed after many years go by!")
  2. The honorable "Judge O'Meter" to measure the screaming and applauding sound the audience make. The loud noise the audience makes, Wins the case whether the defendant is guilty or not.
  3. During the ending credits, Paul would ask the kids in the audience about their problem they have. And Paul would say "Is that fair or unfair?" And the audience would shout "UNFAIR!" in unison.