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Ninjago is a Canadian-Danish CGI cartoon created to promote the series of Lego toys of the same name.


The show follows the story of four (later six) young ninja warriors on their adventures in the world of Ninjago as they defend their land from various threats.

Why It Rocks

  1. Nice-looking CGI, especially in later seasons. Season 8 has hit it big time.
  2. Great character designs.
  3. Good concept.
  4. Interesting and sometimes dark storylines for almost every season.
  5. Likable characters such as Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, and Master Wu with developed relationships.
  6. Almost every problem is explored in later seasons rather than being left out.
  7. It has a balanced mix of funny and serious moments.
    • It also has saddest moments such as Zane's death in Season 3, and Cole's transformation as a ghost in Season 5.
  8. Good morals in almost every episode.
  9. Awesome villains.
  10. Every season has a perfect finale.
  11. The show's new serious approach is improving the show and introducing it to a wider audience.
  12. Season 13 is well-received for Cole's long-awaited character development, his emotional backstory (it is actually the first time that Cole is the only focus character of the season, not counting the TV special, "Day of the Departed"), two fine major subplots that include the separated Ninja and the two warring tribes that are deeply connected to the main plot, and the addition of a likable and supportive character, Princess Vania.

Bad Qualities

  1. Season 7 of the show wasn't well received, nor was the 2017 movie, the TV special "Day Of The Departed", and The Fire Chapter of Season 11, but none of them are entirely terrible.
  2. The Lego Group often treats it as nothing more than a toy advertisement.
  3. Season 8 has removed the uses of Elemental Dragons and Airjitzu just for the sake of not making the Ninja look overpowered.
  4. The anime scenes and character designs from Seasons 11 and 13 are flawed and unecessary.


  • Since Adventure Time ended, Ninjago is the longest currently running TV show on Cartoon Network.