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I Love This Show!

Polysonic's Adventure Originated From A Roblox Game Called Polysonic Of The Same Name. The Series Debuted on January 2020 And Ended On June 22 2020.

Why It Rocks

  1. Decent Animation.
  2. Sonic.EXE Is A Great Character With A Decent Design.
  3. Yusef Daft Made The Show.
  4. It Originally Was A Game.
  5. The Series Will Have New Characters.
  6. The Series Was Directed By YUSEF ABDUL QAYYUM.
  7. Creative Stories And Editing Such As The Crossover Between Rick and Morty.
  8. The Hotel Riot Scenes Are Funny (not when it involves robbing a bank).
  9. The Episodes Are Depicted In Filler, Since It Literally Uses Music From The Classic Sonic Games.
  10. The Pilot Episode Was Pretty Funny, (despite it having racial slurs in it).
  11. Super Sonic.EXE Aged Well.

Bad Qualities

  1. The Characters Themselves Aren't Decent.
  2. It's Not Fully Animated And Some Characters Are Annoying.
  3. Sonic Is Mean To His Friends.
  4. Most Of The Episodes Are Mean Spirited.
  5. Some Characters Are Terrifying For Example Richard.
  6. The Series Was Discontinued After 5 Episodes.
  7. It's First Season Went Downhill For It's Lack Of Quality And Raunchy Content, It Was Also Made To Have A Second Season Before On June 22 2020 It Got Cancelled.
  8. The Bonus Episode Was A Disaster.
  9. The Hotel Riot Scenes Are Funny But Have Any To So With Mentioning Robbing A Bank (Overused As Well)
  10. The Part When Knuckles Had To Get A Job And Refused Kinda Started The Downfall Of Polysonic's Adventure.