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For the all-American sailor, welcome to the screen!

Popeye the Sailor is an animated series based on the comic strip with the same name.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's quite faithful to the source material while still adding a unique twist to the stories. The show in fact effectively created one of the most famous format in the history of entertainment (Popeye and Bluto competing against each other, with the former saving the situation thanks to his spinach).
  2. While the plots mostly follow the same format, we still get to see episodes which plots don't do that.
  3. The gags for this series are great. For example, in The Spinach Roadster, Popeye fixes his homemade car by using the repair kit, that was filled with Spinach cans.
  4. The stories are always lighthearted, and this makes even the propaganda episodes of the series entertaining to watch.
  5. Amazingly pure and fluid animation.
    • The animation for the Fleischer Studios short films, was completely faithful to the comic strip and the creator E.C. Segar.
  6. A lot of great and memorable cartoons, such as:
    • "I Eats Me Spinach"
    • "Popeye the Sailor" (which started the series on a high note)
    • "Tar with a Star"
    • "The Man on the Flying Trapeze"
    • "A Clean Shavin' Man"
    • "Friend or Phony"
    • "Silly Hillbilly"
    • "Hot Air Aces"
    • "Baby Wants a Battle"
    • "Goonland"
    • "A Date to Skate"
    • "Me Musical Nephews"
    • "Her Honor the Mare"
    • "Popalong Popeye"
    • "Rocket to Mars"
    • "Lunch With a Punch"
    • "We Aim to Please"
    • "Shiver Me Timbers!"
    • "Little Swee'Pea"
    • "Protek the Weakerist"
    • "The Farmer and the Belle"
    • "Quick on the Vigor"
    • "Taxi-Turvy"
    • "Private Eye Popeye"
    • "Popeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the Sailor" (the first Popeye color film)
    • "Strong to the Finach"
    • "Organ Grinder's Swing"
    • "A Haul in One"
    • "I Don't Scare"
    • "Cartoons Ain’t Human"
    • "Puppet Love"
    • "Customers Wanted"
    • "Popeye and the Pirates"
    • "Klondike Casanova"
    • "The Anvil Chorus Girl"
    • "Let's Stalk Spinach"
    • "Popeye the Ace of Space" (the only Popeye cartoon produced in 3-D)
    • "Punch and Judo"
    • "Thrill of Fair"
    • "Vacation with Play"
    • "Barking Dogs Don't Fite"
    • "King of the Mardi Gras"
    • "Beware of Barnacle Bill"
    • "Spooky Swabs" (which ended the series on a high note)
    • "Insect to Injury"
    • "We’re On Our Way to Rio"
    • "Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves"
    • "She-Sick Sailors"
    • "Fightin' Pals"
    • "Pilgrim Popeye"
    • "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp"
    • "Alpine for You"
    • "Beach Peach"
    • "Swimmer Take All"
    • "Tots of Fun"
    • "Spree Lunch"
    • "Child Sockology"
    • "Cookin' with Gags"
    • "Riot in Rhythm"
    • "Double-Cross-Country Race"
    • "Toreadorable"
    • "Hill-billing and Cooing"
  7. Popeye has an amusingly grotesque character design.
  8. For the Famous Studios cartoons, Popeye's navy outfit looks done-well.
  9. Olive Oyl's Famous Studios design is very cute, as her cuteness and wacky personality was increased, to make herself an all-American sloppy woman, and wear a red shirt with collar, black dress, and black high-heel shoes.
  10. Good use of comedy and slapstick, with the former based on amazingly exagerrated feats of strength performed by Popeye and Bluto while the compete against each other.
  11. Great characters that are still iconic even if they aren't totally likable, like Olive Oyl. The series allowed a wider audience to know Popeye, one of the most recognizable characters ever, with his unique characterization of both hero and anti-hero.
  12. Incredible action scenes provided by Popeye with his incredibly over the top fistfights.
  13. Great music. The show presents both original music in the theme song, "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man!", and famous sailor songs.

Bad Qualities

  1. The All New Popeye Hour and Popeye and Son both toned down the violence, so Popeye could not punch Bluto in either of those shows.
  2. The redrawn colorized remastering of the black and white shorts isn't done-well, as it makes the animation looked jerky and terribly glitchy.
  3. Some gross-out jokes are pretty disgusting, including Popeye puked out the cards for Bluto's magic trick in "A Balmy Swami".
  4. The cartoons went downhill somewhat during the 1950s.


  • Thanks to its positive representation of spinach, the series effectively boosted spinach sales and actually taught children to eat more vegetables.
  • Despite being the anti-hero of the animated series, Bluto only appeared once in the comic strips.
  • Popeye was initially supposed to open his spinach cans with a bite but this was rejected out of fear that kids could try to imitate the character, thus harming themselves.