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Pororo the Little Penguin (뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로; Ppolongppolong Ppololo) is a Korean computer-animated television series created by Iconix Entertainment, SK Broadband, OCON, and Channel One Russia.


Fun adventures await in the forest named Porong Porong Village where Pororo and friends live. New friends show up in the village and many exciting things happen in the forest. Our playful little gentoo penguin Pororo, naughty spinosaurus Crong, sweet and lovely American beaver Loopy, cheerful and sporty Adélie penguin girl Petty, clever fennec fox Eddy, strong minikaniko Rody, trustworthy polar bear Poby, happy-go-lucky hummingbird Harry, magical dragon wizard Tong-Tong, and a red sedan car Tu-tu live in this snow-covered wonderland. Every one of themselves has different characteristics, looks different and each of them want to do different activities. By disporting themselves, they learn about their own merits and faults and how to be considerate of others.

Why It Rocks

  1. A lot of the characters are cute and likable.
    • The titular protagonist, Pororo is a mischievous, yet playful and curious little penguin.
    • Crong is also a mischievous, yet a cute little spinosaurus.
    • Eddy is an intelligent and inventive genius.
    • Loopy is a shy and sensitive beaver who is actually an amazing cook.
    • Poby is a good-natured, warm-hearted, and trust-worthy polar bear.
    • Petty is a tomboyish penguin who is great at sports.
    • Harry is quite temperamental, yet likes to sing a lot.
    • Some of other characters like Rody, Tong-tong, Popo and Pipi, Tu-tu are also good side characters.
  2. Most of the episode's plots are quite entertaining.
  3. Nice and colorful CGI animation, in which got better as the show went on.
  4. Cute and creative character designs.
  5. It has pretty good morals and messages, such as being good friends, being honest, it's okay to be a bit slow, believe in yourself, etc.
  6. Catchy and creative theme song, especially "Hello Friends" (later "Hello Everyone") in Season 3 and onward.
  7. Decent voice acting, in both Korean and English usually.
  8. Good soundtrack.
  9. The humor can be quite clever.
  10. Season 2 and 3 was a huge improvement, as they have more new characters, more new locations, better animation, etc.
  11. Catchy singalong songs, especially in Korean, such as "The Whale Song" and "Para Pam".
  12. Educational spin-offs, such as "Loopy the Cooking Princess" and "Eddy the Clever Fox".
  13. There is a crossover spin-off, such as "Pororo and Tayo's Facetime" (which it features Tayo the Little Bus.)
  14. The idea of animal kids being best friends living in a forest having fun is an adorable concept.

Bad Qualities

  1. It can get quite formulaic sometimes.
  2. Harry and Loopy can be unlikable sometimes.
  3. Some bad episodes, such as "Grumpy Pororo" "Our Playground" and "Transforming Troubles".
  4. The later seasons started focusing lately on toilet humor as well as fart jokes, which can be considered unfunny.