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Puffin Rock is an Irish 2015 series made for rtejr and Nick Jr. It's produced by Cartoon Saloon it ended in 2016 in 2019, Cartoon Saloon announced a movie for the show

It's about a Puffin family having adventures

Why it rocks

  1. Beautiful animation for 2015 standards
  2. Great narrating by Chris O'Dowd
  3. The show is really calm
  4. Oona is a cute and likeable main character
  5. Outstanding theme song that is beautifully sang by a girl
  6. The show is so good it was loved by loads of Irish kids who were little back in 2015
  7. Very educational
  8. A preschool show about Puffins is creative and gives people finding nemo vibes
  9. Stays faithful to Puffin Island and is about Ireland just like the 2 feature films The Secret Of Kells and Song Of The Sea
  10. Great voice acting
  11. The show has lots of positive reviews
  12. It is the best irish cartoon for loads of people

Bad Qualities

  1. It only lasted 2 seasons
  2. Oona is quite overprotective to Baba in the first episode
  3. Nick Jr. sadly cancelled the show and RTÈjr didn't while Puffin Rock is on British TV and you can watch it on demand


  • Phantomstrider ranked this show as the #1 best Irish cartoon
  • The show got a lot of positive reviews