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Raw Toonage is an American animated variety show by Disney. It features segments like Bonkers, Totally Tasteless Video, and Marsupilami. Each episodes are hosted by a Disney character.

Why it Rocks?

  1. Great animation
  2. Awesome voice acting
  3. Music score
  4. Marsupilami can speak for the first time. Thanks to his voice artist, Steve Mackall.
  5. Culture Refference.
  6. Familair Disney Characters from The Disney Afternoon and other classic Disney Cartoons host the show.
  7. It's a jungle out there in the Marsupilami segments.
  8. Bonkers and Fawn Deer are loving couple in the Bonkers segment

Bad Quality

  1. Marsupilami's theme song is a bit too clownish.
  2. Maurice the Gorilla can be to be gross out.
  3. Some fans of the original Marsupilami comics or the recent (Non-Disney animated series) do not like the Disney series.

Supporting Segments of the show

Bonkers D. Bobcat is my name!


Bonkers is a Police Bobcat who works for the Toontown Police Department.

A nice frog band

Totally Tasteless Video

Totally Tasteless Video is a random video segment of the show.

Correction, My name is Marsupilami! And this is my gorilla pal, Maurice!


Marsupilami is a hyrbird yellow, spotted, marsupial creature with the longest tail in the jungle who is like half-monkey, half-cheetah. He hangs out with his gorilla pal, Maurice. Based on the popular Belgium comics by Andre Franquin.