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Riff to the Rescue!: A Wild West Adventure is an episode of Barney & Friends from the twelfth season.


After Riff doesn't want to be a captain of a baseball team, Barney tells him the story of how his great-great grandfather, Riffle, saved his town from never singing again!

Why It Rocks

  1. Riff and his great-great grandfather, Riffle (played by Riff) are both very relatable in this episode, as they don't have enough confidence in themselves to be the captain of the baseball team, and to stand up to Bossy Bop, respectively.
  2. This episode conveys an excellent moral about trying new things and being confident in your abilities.
  3. It might teach kids about the Wild West.
  4. Baby Bop, who plays Bossy Bop, works well as the antagonist in this episode's story.
  5. The episode's soundtrack is lovely. Special mentions go to "Sing Your Song" and "Music is for Everyone".
  6. The drama in this episode is downright excellent.
  7. It has quite clever lines, and proves that Barney isn't just a saccharine kids' program.
  8. The editing is truly at its best, especially in this scene
  9. It's endearing how the other kids, Baby Bop, BJ, and Barney himself are so supportive of Riff to become the team captain.
  10. Plenty of humorous moments, like when Bossy Bop catches BJ singing "Home on the Range".
  11. The idea of a town that is prohibited from singing is interesting.

Bad Qualities

  1. A lot of filler. For example, there are songs about baseball and ponies that don't serve a purpose in the episode.
  2. How did Barney know about Riffle, but not Riff himself? Riff isn't even related to Barney.
  3. Bossy Bop's singing sounds poor, but this was likely done on purpose.
  4. Some mess-ups, like:
    1. If you look very closely during the song, "What Should I Do?", Barney trips and messes up a bit on the choreography.
    2. During the song, "Music Is For Everyone", Barney lip syncs to some lyrics that he was supposed to sing.
    3. During the song, "Taking Turns", when Barney sings some of the second verses, his mouth doesn't move.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of the character Taylor.