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The five lights that guide us to the future! Sparkle! Smile PreCure!

Smile PreCure! (Japanese: スマイルプリキュア! Hepburn: Sumairu PuriKyua!, lit. "Smile Pretty Cure!") is a 2012 Japanese anime television series by Toei Animation and the ninth installment in Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure metaseries, featuring the seventh generation of Cures.


Somewhere in the universe exists a place called Märchenland, where characters from fairy tales live. Near the corner of Märchenland exists a world called Bad End Kingdom, where the antagonists of all fairy tales gathered. In order to show everyone the "Worst Ending", the people of Bad End Kingdom traveled to Earth to collect Bad Energy. If the villains succeed, all the worlds in the universe will suffer from the "Worst Ending".

In order to prevent the "Worst Ending", the 5 Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure, need to collect Cure Decor, the power of happiness of Märchenland's Queen. The Cure Decor, however, has been stolen and hidden away. Set to the task of finding Pretty Cure, Candy the fairy follows the 5 Beams of Light to Earth, where she meets a flustered Miyuki, a transfer student on her first day of school, and already running late.

Why It Rocks

  1. The concept of protagonists infused with fairy tales and happiness.
  2. Like Ojamajo Doremi, the idea of having Cures that are based on fairy tales is a unique idea.
  3. Great dynamic between the five colorful Cures.
  4. Wonderfully CGI animated transformations.
  5. The opening and the CGI ending songs are catchy.
  6. Cute and entertaining.
  7. There are emotional moments despite being made in the earthquake.
  8. It shows that you should always smile if something's bad or good.
  9. Some of the funniest moments like Akanbe getting hit by every X every time that Reika/Cure Beauty got the question right in Episode 16.
  10. It tackles like the death of a parent.

Bad Qualities

  1. The English dub, dubbed Glitter Force, was absolutely terrible, awful, and very bad to the original Japanese version.
  2. The characters are similar to Yes! PreCure 5.