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Space: 1999 was a British-Italian science fiction and live-action series that debuted in 1975, following the adventures of the crew of Moonbase Alpha, based in the Lunar crater Plato. On September 13, 1999, a nuclear explosion threw the Moon away from its orbit around Earth and into outer space, stranding the 311 personnel on the base.

Why It Rocks

  • Unlike Star Trek, the series did not expand much into explaining its natural phenomena.
  • The show was, however, educational at times, for example, the episode Black Sun had a scientifically accurate depiction of a black hole (the titular "black Sun").
  • The show spawned a massive line of merchandise, such as model toys of its iconic Eagle spacecrafts to novelizations of multiple episodes.

Bad Qualities

  • The quality of Year Two, most notably in the case of the changed intro, had noticeably deteriorated and panned by fans. However, the intro of Year Two included the backstory of the original series.