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Square One Television is an educational show on PBS Kids that helps children learn on mathematics. It was produced by Children's Television Workshop.

Why it Rocks?

  1. Various sketches
  2. Several music video are included (Like Devo performed "Angle Dance" or Weird Al Yankovic performing "Patterns")
  3. Mini kids Game Show segments like Triple Play. Kids will win a Square One Television merchandise.
  4. 2 Famous video game parodies are in the show MathMan (a parody of Pac-Man) and Pauline's Perilous Pyramid (a parody of Q*Bert)
  5. At the end of the each episode is a five part crime drama story of MathNet (a parody of Dragnet)
  6. MathMan winning a "FREE GAME!" after completing his mission.

Why it sucks?

  1. Whenever MathMan gets a wrong answer, He gets eatin' by Mr. Glitch. And results in "GAME OVER!"