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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Steven Universe Future is an limited-series epilogue to Steven Universe, taking place two years after the ending of the original series. It began on December 7th, 2019.


After saving the universe, Steven is still at it, tying up loose ends. But when he runs out of other people's problems to solve, he'll finally have to face his own. Hauntings from the past and getting lost in the present causes Steven to manifest new, unknown powers over his control that the Crystal Gems have not seen from him before. What does it all mean, and what does Steven want for his future?

Why It Rocks

  1. The buildup to the series is very well executed, with it starting with a one-hour special with multiple episodes and the purpose of the show being to answer questions that were left unanswered in the original series.
  2. The wonderful, smooth animation from the original series and the movie travels to this series, especially with the new intro sequence.
  3. It helps to show how much character development the characters have received over the running of the franchise.
    1. Steven went from a hammy little kid to a responsible young adult fixing the problems his mother left behind, while feeling behind by his friends and not knowing what to do with himself.
    2. Pearl went from an overprotective human-phobic motherly neat freak who only fights for her late Diamond to a confident and fun carer who has found her individuality.
    3. Amethyst went from a silly teen-esque Gem cautious of how she came out who lets her emotions get the better of her to a strong fighter and an older sister figure who is completely fine with how she is.
    4. Garnet is now less prone to unfusing because of a mental breakdown from Ruby or Sapphire, still being the embodiment of a perfect and stable (married) relationship while remaining cool under the fact that her future vision allows her to see almost everything.
    5. Connie went from a nerdy girl afraid of her mother to a protective, energetic sword fighter and Steven's love interest who is still very intelligent and has most of her future already figured out.
    6. Greg is a genuine father who wants his son to be as happy as possible, staying humble even under his millions of dollars and cutting his iconic hair just to save himself and Steven.
  4. There are even some returning characters that are extremely likable, like Holly Blue Agate, the Famethysts, the Zoomans, the Rubies, Pink "Volleyball" Pearl and Jasper, and some likable new characters, like the Rose Quartzs, Snowflake Obsidian, Cherry Quartz and Little Larimar.
    1. The new fusions, Mega Pearl and Bluebird Azurite, are also both amazing.
  5. The aforementioned intro sequence is a good change from "We Are the Crystal Gems" and almost a nod to anime, cleverly using "Happily Ever After", showcasing how things have change since Steven established peace, showing a short segment of the show's antagonists and generally reminding viewers that this is "the future".
  6. The episodes are able to be plot heavy being based on the lore and developing Homeworld Gems while also including classic Beach City shenanigans, almost never showing signs of filler. A very special example of this is "Guidance" where Amethyst has installed a program where gems can have jobs in Beach City.
  7. Along with character development, the characters have very understandable and relatable flaws that make them sympathetic and realistic.
    1. Steven unintentionally tries to force help on people who don't want or need it, and gets easily frustrated when his help is refused or when there is mention of anything bad his late mother did. He also finds it difficult to admit when he's not fine, and feels like he's nothing if he can't help people, seeing as everyone he knows is now moving on except him.
    2. Pearl was prone to start an argument upon hearing any opposite idea of what her Diamond was when she was alive.
    3. Jasper is a Vegta-esque Gem who refuses to participate or involve herself in the new Era, just because of how things were before peace was restored, still treating Steven and other Earthlings like they're below her but with good reason, seeing as after the events of the movie unfold and upon knowing who Pink really was, she has nothing.
    4. Volleyball has an abusive history with Pink Diamond, yet has still got it bad for her and is very used to making excuses for her Diamond for why she did the things she did.
    5. Pink Diamond is a morally grey character, and was very much a child, treating others like how the Diamonds treated her, which explains her history of abandoning gems and hurting her first Pearl, yet she did everything she could to protect the Crystal Gems when she realized how beautiful Earth is. The franchise shows her character development in reverse.
  8. Very exciting action scenes, like Steven fighting Jasper and Mega Pearl escaping The Reef with Steven.
  9. Even better comedy than the original, like Greg saying "NOPE!" to the offer of joining the Rose Quartzs for lunch, who all resembled his late wife.
  10. The iconic scene where Steven transforms into a giant pink monster due to his powers corrupting himself, which also led to a good finale (depending on your point of view).
  11. Speaking of the ending, Steven saying goodbye to his friends was very touching

Bad qualities

  1. It lacks some characters such as Connie in the first ten episodes or so, and most of the humans
  2. We STILL didn’t find out what is in the chest
  3. WAY too many plotlines for a mini series, like Lars leaving earth again, or Bismuth's crush on Pearl. In fact, most of them exist for one episode and are never touched again
  4. Some bad episodes, like “A Very Special Episode” or “Snow Day” (depending on your view)
  5. Plot Hole: Steven could have taken Pink Pearl to Yellow Diamond to fix her, but he didn’t and she is never mentioned nor seen after the episode: “Volleyball“
  6. A lot of characters have been ruined, the Diamonds and Spinel are crybabies, they are also oblivious of Steven's anger, so are the crystal gems, but Steven has it the worst, because he SHATTERED Jasper and BROKE his father's van and gets away with both of them.
  7. Although Steven was bad in “Fragments”, it was Jasper's fault because she taught him to take his anger out on others and when she gets revived from being shattered, she calls him “my diamond” and doesn’t appear until the last episode where she STILL calls him that and gets no development, which sucks because she is a fan-favorite character
  8. Overall, the finale was very anti-climatic and the scene where all the gems hugged him was a huge dues ex machina