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Stuck in the Middle is an American Disney Channel sitcom that premiered on February 14, 2016 and ended on July 23, 2018. The series has 3 seasons.


A young teenage girl named Harley uses her creativity in dealing with living in a large family and being the middle of seven children.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's one of the best Live-Action Disney Channel sitcoms from the 2010s since many from this era have not been well received.
  2. It also brings back the charm of some of the classic Live-Action Disney Channel sitcoms, such as Lizzy McGuire.
  3. The idea of a young teenage girl living in a large family is an interesting concept.
  4. Very down to earth acting.
  5. Realistic and relatable chemistry between the characters.
  6. Unlike most modern Live-Action Disney Channel sitcoms, this show doesn't have an annoying and overused laugh track.
  7. Also, unlike most modern Live-Action Disney Channel sitcoms, which rely on unfunny and forced humor, this show relies on good and clever humor that is actually funny.
  8. Most of the characters are funny, likable and relatable.
  9. Catchy theme song.
  10. Great use of meta-reference when Harley tells the viewers about what's going out in a situation.
  11. The actors are very talented and fit the roles of the characters very well.
  12. It has plenty of good morals, such as "get along with your siblings", "don't give up", "get along with your neighbors" and "put friendship into power".

Bad Qualities

  1. It got canceled after 3 seasons.
  2. Some of the characters are unlikable and have stereotypical personalities. For instance, Rachel has the fashionable teenage girl and vain older sister stereotypes, Bethany has the overprotective mother stereotype and Daphne has the bratty little girl stereotype.
  3. It can have bad good episodes. For instance, the episode "Stuck in Lockdown" is infamous because of Daphne framing Harley and tricking her mom into putting her in lockdown.
  4. Ronni Hawk (who portays Rachel) left the show in the third and final season. However, she makes a guest appearance in the series finale.