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"The Big Adventure" is the first episode of Keroppi and Friends. It was originally made in September 27, 1989.


When Pokopon loses his belly button, Keroppi, Den Den, and Ruby (Teru Teru) go on a big adventure to find it.

Why It Rocks

  1. A frog going on a big adventure with a snail and sunshine doll is very entertaining and cute!
  2. It's Keroppi's first anime appearance, and it has a great story.
  3. Cute characters like Keroppi, Den Den, Ruby, and Pokopon.
  4. The music really suits the episode.
  5. The animation is great for a pilot episode which would later improve for the next episodes.
  6. It introduces each character of the anime series like Keroppi, Den Den, Ruby, Keroppi's father, and Soak (Kyorosuke).
  7. Cute voice acting from both the English and Japanese versions, even for Jill Frappier voicing Keroppi.
  8. The scene where Keroppi gives Pika back his drum by splashing down the waterfall was action packed and adventurous!

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Gora, Pika, and Don were kind of jerks to Keroppi.