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The Buzz on Maggie was an American animated show created by Dave Polsky for Disney Channel. The show centers on a tween fly named Maggie Pesky, who lives in the town of Stickyfeet and dreams of becoming a rock star. It was also the first ever Disney TV series to be animated in Adobe Flash.

Why It Rocks

  1. The show does teach good morals and life lessons.
  2. The character designs for the insects are clever.
  3. Maggie, Reyna and Pupert are very cute protagonists.
  4. A pair of white gloves makes Maggie Pesky so cute.
  5. The settings for this series, are excellent, similar to Disney and Pixar's 1998 feature, A Bug's Life.
  6. The animation was decent.
  7. Top-notch voice acting.
  8. The gross-out humor are perfectly-made.
  9. The opening theme song is so adorable.

Bad Qualities

  1. Aldrin is a huge jerk towards Maggie and he usually gets away with all of his bad deeds that he has committed.
  2. A majority of the jokes range from stale to just plain weak.
  3. Everyone treats Maggie poorly and usually get off scott-free at the end.