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The Casagrandes is an American animated comedy series that is a spinoff of The Loud House. It debuted on October 14, 2019, and was developed by Michael Rubiner.


Ronnie Anne, her older brother Bobby, and their mother Maria having moved to Great Lakes City, now live with their extended family, the Casagrandes. There, Ronnie Anne meets new friends like Sid Chang and discovers more about the city.

Why It Rocks

  1. Decent animation; just like with The Loud House, uses the cartoony, newspaper comic-esque style nicely.
  2. The characters originally from TLH are still lovable, and the new characters are great as well.
  3. Ronnie Anne, Sid Chang, her old friends, Lincoln and Lori are so cute and very charming.
  4. Catchy theme song that's peppered with some Spanish phrases and words.
  5. Manages to build on top of existing continuity by introducing new characters.
  6. Okay depictions of Mexican-American culture.
  7. Okay writing.
  8. C.J. is a great, well-written portrayal of down syndrome.
  9. Witty humor, jokes, and slapstick.
  10. Awesome voice acting, with the biggest highlight being Melissa Joan Hart.
  11. Less mean spirited than The Loud House.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some jokes can get old very quickly.
  2. Just like The Loud House, it has toilet humor, especially when Ronnie Anne farts.
  3. A few boring episodes, but not too many.
  4. In one episode, Bobby dabs, which risks dating the episode.

5. Overuse of Mexican Stereotypes

6. Sergio is an unlikeable character. He was at his worst in the episode "This Bird Has Flown" where he mistreated Bobbie throughout the episode and never got his comeuppance.


  • This show was originally titled Los Casagrandes.