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The Garfield Show is a French–American CGI animated television series based on the American comic strip Garfield. King Nermal

Why It Rocks

  1. It clearly stays faithful to Jim Davis' comic-strip style.
  2. The CGI-animation is faithful to Jim Davis' style.
  3. Good voice acting, with Frank Welker voicing Garfield.
  4. It's loyal to the source material from the comic series.
  5. Memorable and likable characters, including Garfield, Odie, Liz and Arlene.
  6. The later seasons have less supernatural and sci-fi plots.
  7. The character designs appear very accurate to Jim Davis' comics.
  8. Quirky opening sequence.
  9. Fourth wall breaks can be funny at times.
  10. Several funny moments.
  11. Similar to the golden-aged cartoons, the show easily fits for the slapstick comedy.
  12. Catchy theme music.
  13. Quirky backgrounds.
  14. It could be zanier and cartoonier than Garfield and Friends.
  15. It follows newly-implemented Tex Avery-esque slapstick and Bob Clampett-style gags.
  16. Superb soundtrack.
  17. This is the very first Garfield related media to reveal the disappearance of Jon's old roommate and Odie's original owner Lyman, and we finally see him again after 29 years since his final appearance in the comic series.
  18. The new characters are relatively interesting and giving such an impact for the shows with their contributions.
  19. All the episodes are awesome.
  20. Garfield, when he's too mean, gets punishment for his actions.
  21. Supernatural and SCI-FI episodes especially in the latter seasons are really great and breathtaking.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some dubs (especially the French dub) for this series are very badly done.
  2. Some episodes are mean-spirited (like Not so good sound of music and Nice to Nermal).
  3. The fourth wall jokes while funny at times got extremely reused in the later seasons.
  4. The CGI-animation in early episodes looks cheap.
  5. Nermal can be unlikable at times, especially in the episodes Garfield Astray, Nice to Nermal, My Friend Nermal and True Colors.
  6. It turned Jon into an utter buffoon, as he uses his mega stupidity, and acts like an idiot of Garfield and Odie. However he's fixed in later seasons.
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