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The Little Lulu Show is the American-Canadian animated television series based on the Marjorie Henderson Buell (Marge) comic book character Little Lulu.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's faithful to the Little Lulu comics (including the John Stanley ones), this time with minor alterations.
  2. It was funnier, wackier and more comical than the Little Lulu comics and theatrical cartoons.
  3. Good animation made by CINAR and TMO-Loonland (only in Season 3).
  4. Awesome voice acting, especially Tracey Ullman as Little Lulu in its first season.
  5. They kept the original theme song from the 1940s shorts, but with the addition of a few new lyrics.
  6. Great characters, including Lulu herself.
  7. The episodes, the LuluToons and the mini-musical episodes, the Lulu-Bites, are amazing.
    • Also, the stand-ups sketches are funny.

Bad Qualities

  1. Little Lulu can sometimes be stubborn and a brat, sure we know Little Lulu herself is stubborn.
  2. The show depicted the boys as dumb and mean.
  3. Some unlikable characters like Gloria and sometimes Alvin.


  • In Brazil it was distributed by Spot Films, the secondary name of the infamous Vídeo Brinquedo.
  • While the Little Lulu comics and theatrical cartoons are set in the 1930s, this TV program was set in the 1950s.