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The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat is an animated urban fantasy-comedy television series that premired in 1995 and was broadcast on CBS. It featured the world's very first major animated superstar, Felix the Cat.

Why it Rocks

  1. Expands on the surreal universe present in most silent era cartoons, with anthropromorphic households, cars, clocks and even boats, with very odd looking background elements. It gave the show a unique look and feel that was different from most of the shows it premired alongside.
  2. Of course, with a surreal universe, there's going to be surreal comedy. And by Minerva, there's plenty here for lucky lads like you! Such as a gangster shark winning a Deed to the Earth in a round of Craps, and locking it up in a gaint safe to harvest its supply of velcro (or felcron as it's called in the episode). Plus, there's plenty of slapstick, sight gags and running gags to keep you company. Easily the best example is whenever there's an episode with Shamus T. Goldcrow in a major role. He offers Felix a job in one of his detective cases, Felix declines, and then Goldcrow says "Did I forget to mention the reward? 14 Bucks!" With Felix excitedly exclaiming "Wow! That's seven bucks apiece! I'm in!"
  3. Great animation that takes full advantage of the Fleischer style. Reportedly, it was one one of the most expensive shows to come out of animation studio Film Roman, and it shows. the animation is smooth, slick, and even has moments of CG (such as the intro and a gag in the episode "The Slime King") granted, it can get slightly ugly at times, but that hardly happens, and when it does, it's hardly noticeable
  4. Likeable characters that have their own unique personality. Felix retains his michevious and cunning attitude from the 60's Felix cartoon, but now with a boatload of sass, for example. Some can be a bit archetypal, such as Rosco, who's basically Patrick Star except not funny, but most of the characters are distinct and likeable.
  5. Jazzy soundtrack produced by the Club Foot Orchestra. It matches the mood of most scenes almost perfectly, and while it's not as good as, say, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, it's still great stuff.
  6. The theme song in particular is a jammin' rock song that sounds like a total head-bopper.